Top 5 Benefits of Electric Vans

Top 5 Benefits of Electric Vans

Electric vans have marked the dawn of a new age for commercial vehicles, offering an environmentally friendly and cheap to run alternative to diesel models, but why exactly would you make the switch? 

  • The eVan range from Mercedes-Benz makes a compelling argument, with two 100% electric panel vans on offer. The Mercedes-Benz eVito panel van led the charge as the first medium-sized electric van to hit the UK market in 2019 and remains a popular choice for businesses looking to improve their environmental credentials and save running costs. The award-winning Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is now available as the 100% electric eSprinter, offering a larger payload and load space for your zero emission operations.

    Here’s 5 reasons to make the switch to electric today:

  • 1. Low running costs

    One of the biggest advantages of electric vans is their low day-to-day running costs. A diesel van covering 20,000 miles a year will cost around £3,000 a year on average in fuel, but an electric van will cost just £500 a year to cover the same distance. Saving £2,500 a year soon makes up for any list price difference between electric and diesel vans and adds up to a considerable sum over the lifetime of the van.

  • 2. Environmentally friendly

    Electric vans from Mercedes-Benz are far friendlier to the environment than traditional petrol or diesel vans, emitting less gases and pollutants into the atmosphere than petrol and diesel vans, including the production of the van and the generation of electricity to power them. This not only lessens the contribution towards climate change but helps reduce air pollution in our towns and cities. 

  • 3. Government incentives

    Both the eVito and eSprinter are eligible for the OLEV government grant for vans, which can take 35% off the list price (up to £6,000), closing the price gap between electric and traditional fuel vans. You can also benefit from grant funding towards the installation of charging points at work and home, making charging easier than ever. 

  • 4. Refined driving experience

    An added bonus for electric vans is the smooth silence of the electric motor, allowing you to cruise in comfort without the noise and rattle of traditional combustion engines. As well a low noise levels the near-instant torque of the motor allows swift acceleration, making it easy to nip around town. With the batteries housed in the underbody of the vehicle, not only do they not take up any space in the cargo area but they help lower the centre of gravity helping to eliminate pitch and roll under heavy braking or acceleration. 

  • 5. Low maintenance costs

    A common worry with electric vans is that due to their modern technology it will cost an arm and leg to maintain them, but are electric vans more expensive to service? In fact, due to their relative lack of moving parts and the regenerative braking system causing less wear and tear on the brakes, maintenance costs are reduced.

    The full Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle range is available to test drive now at Motus Truck & Van.


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